N. Tsirivas

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It is known that, for any simply connected proper subdomain of the complex plane and any point in , there are holomorphic functions on that have “universal”Taylor series expansions about ; that is, partial sums of the Taylor series approximate arbitrary polynomials on arbitrary compacta in Cn that have connected complement. This note shows that this(More)
The known proofs for universal Taylor series do not determine a specific universal Taylor series. In the present paper, we isolate a specific universal Taylor series by modifying the proof in [30]. Thus we determine all Taylor coefficients of a specific universal Taylor series on the disc or on a polygonal domain. Furthermore in non simply connected(More)
For a holomorphic function f in the unit disk, Sn(f) denotes the n-th partial sum of the Taylor development of f with center at 0. We show that given a strictly increasing sequence of positive integers (λn), there exists a holomorphic function f on the unit disk such that the pairs of partial sums {(Sn(f), Sλn(f)) : n = 1, 2, . . .} approximate all(More)
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