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The prospective cohort study examined whether Ecuadorian women with early pregnancy nausea and vomiting (NVP) are more likely to develop food aversions and cravings, and if so, whether the specific foods identified as aversive or craved are the same as those predicted by the popular maternal-embryo protection hypothesis (MEPH). Consistent with MEPH(More)
BACKGROUND Health care providers and popular press articles frequently advise women that nausea and vomiting of early pregnancy (NVP) portends a favorable fetal outcome. AIM To investigate the claim that NVP protects against adverse fetal outcomes and improves placental and fetal growth. METHODS Data were collected on a prospective cohort of 849(More)
Two players engaged in the Prisoner’s Dilemma have to choose between cooperation and defection, the pay-off of the players is determined by a weight w=(T ,R ,P ,S ) . For deterministic strategies p 1 ,... , p n we consider a society S=S( u i : p i∣ i=1 ,... ,n) formed by individuals playing at random the IPD with weight w . We introduce the concept of a w(More)
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