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When the channel measurement update rate is very slow compared to the channel fluctuations, the performance of conventional power control algorithms is greatly reduced. In this paper we introduce novel method to update the transmit power in such extreme situations. We propose to use random power allocation with certain distribution function and then using(More)
In this paper, we present the construction of multi-weight, multi-length, strict optical orthogonal codes. This code set satisfies the conditions of the strictly orthogonal codes, namely, the maximum non-zero shift autocorrelation and the maximum cross-correlation constraints of one. Multi-length codes are designed to support multi-rate services, while the(More)
—In this paper we use optical power control to support multirate transmission over temporal optical CDMA networks. We apply the centralized power control algorithm to set the transmit power of the users' optical sources in order to satisfy a given target QoS. In addition, optical amplifiers are included to enhance the overall system performance while the(More)
In this paper we propose heuristic and efficient algorithm to minimize the dropped connections in real time congested communication networks. This problem can be classified as combinatorial optimization problem. It is well known that there is no general closed form solution for this type of problems. Furthermore finding the optimal solutions in medium and(More)
Nowadays, anonymous manipulation of digital data with malicious intention is increasing at an enormous rate. With the advent of various technologies, multimedia signal can easily be downloaded, copied and manipulated at any point of time without much effort. Watermark is the pattern of bits added to the multimedia signals, such as audio, video or images,(More)
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