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In many application domains such as information retrieval, computational biology, and image processing the data dimension is usually very high. Developing effective clustering methods for high dimensional dataset is a challenging problem due to the curse of dimensionality. The k-means clustering algorithm is used for many practical applications. But it is(More)
The volume of data that enterprise acquires every day is increasing rapidly. The enterprises do not know what to do with the data and how to extract information from this data. Analytics is the process of collecting, organizing and analysing large set of data that is important for the business. The process of analysing and processing this huge amount of(More)
While addressing real-world issues, there is a significant quantity of domain knowledge available in prior which helps in yielding different perspectives on various characteristics related to the issue. At the same time, several types of machine learning methods do not depend on such prior explicitly expressed domain information. However, such methods(More)
Data mining has become an important topic in effective analysis of gene expression data due to its wide application in the biomedical industry. Within a gene expression matrix there are usually several particular macroscopic phenotypes of samples. Selection of genes most relevant and informative for certain phenotypes is an important aspect in gene(More)
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