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BACKGROUND Due to the high toxicity of aflatoxin and its effects on public health, determination of aflatoxin level in Wheat flour samples in the Golestan province, north of Iran was investigated. To examine the effect of seasonal changes, summer and winter sampling was performed with standard sampling methods. METHODS A total of 200 flour samples were(More)
High-density electroencephalographic recordings have recently been proved to bring useful information during the pre-surgical evaluation of patients suffering from drug-resistant epilepsy. However, these recordings can be particularly obscured by noise and artifacts. This paper focuses on the denoising of dense-array EEG data (e.g. 257 channels)(More)
BACKGROUND In the absence of dysphagia-oriented food products, rheological characterization of available food items is of importance for safe swallowing and adequate nutrient intake of dysphagic patients. In this way, introducing alternative items (with similar ease of swallow) is helpful to improve quality of life and nutritional intake of esophageal(More)
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