N T Utembaeva

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The publication presents the results of assessment of impact of genetically modified (GM) maize Liberty Link on prenatal and postnatal development of progeny of 3 generations of Wistar rats. A total of 630 adult animals and 2837 pups were used in the experiment. The animals were divided into 5 groups which got the diets with inclusion of maize: the animals(More)
The results of studying influence of seasonal factor on rat reproductive system are presented. Function of reproductive system was estimated according sexual hormones in blood of pregnant rats, level of gametogenesis in female gonad, prenatal and postnatal development. The analysis of the data has not revealed correlation with climatic factors. Values of(More)
This publication presents the assessment of the impact of genetically modified (GM) LibertyLink® maize on reproductive function, prenatal and postnatal progeny development of Wistar rats over three generations. The animals were divided into two groups, which were fed with rodent diet with inclusion of GM LibertyLink® ('test' group) and non-GM near-isogenic(More)
The paper presents the results of evaluating the effect of genetically modified (GM) maize on the prenatal and postnatal development of rat progeny in three generations. An experiment used 280 adult rats (160 females and 120 males) and 1545 infant rats of the first month of life. The animals were divided into 2 groups: 1) those given a diet including GM(More)
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