N. T. Racoveanu

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A study of determine the routine radiography practice for the investigation of acute trauma cases and those with suspected arthritis of the knee was carried out by questionnaires sent to radiologists in 41 countries. The role of radiology in the investigation of chondromalacia patellae was also ascertained. Some of the reasons for the diversities of(More)
WHO's statistics show the doctor-to-population ratio in the Third World to have changed very little over the past decade, with radiological services among the least developed medical branches of a developing country's health care system. Data is presented on population/machine/personnel ratios, morbidity patterns, number of X-ray examinations per population(More)
Medical technologies that have high initial and operating costs are commonly labeled 'Big Ticket Technologies'. However, technologies with lower initial and operating costs, but which are utilized extensively in patient care, should be considered Big Ticket as well. Some of these technologies are product innovations, because they represent a new product or(More)
PACS, a health care technology still in its developmental stage, aims to improve the management of diagnostic imaging investigations. As the technology has not been comprehensively assessed, data and facts to justify its clinical, economic and other benefits are to date insufficient. Through internationally coordinated action, it is expected to obtain a(More)