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In this article we investigate if qualitative soil fertility datasets derived during participatory processes can be combined with a corresponding land use change model (i) to improve the understanding of the socialecological complexity of land use change and (ii) to allow testing of alternative scenarios even in datapoor environments. To test this(More)
Given a chaotic dynamical system and a time interval in which some quantity takes an unusually large average value, what can we say of the trajectory that yields this deviation? As an example, we study the trajectories of the archetypical chaotic system, the baker’s map. We show that, out of all irregular trajectories, a large-deviation requirement selects(More)
The predictability of an orbit is a key issue when a physical model has strong sensitivity to the initial conditions and it is solved numerically. How close the computed chaotic orbits are to the real orbits can be characterized by the shadowing properties of the system. The finite-time Lyapunov exponents distributions allow us to derive the shadowing(More)
Tounderstand the collective behaviors of biological swarms,flocks, and colonies, we investigated the non-equilibriumdynamic patterns of self-propelled particle systems using statisticalmechanics methods andH-stability analysis ofHamiltonian systems. By varying the individual vision range, we observed phase transitions between four phases, i.e., gas,(More)
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