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Keywords: Integrated assessment Stakeholder knowledge Land use model Soil fertility a b s t r a c t In this article we investigate if qualitative soil fertility datasets derived during participatory processes can be combined with a corresponding land use change model (i) to improve the understanding of the social-ecological complexity of land use change and(More)
Thailand is an Asian country located in tropics of South-East Asia. Thailand started to produce jaggery and sugar more than 600 years ago and used to import sugar from the Philippines and Indonesia. Thai government has been promoting the Thai sugar industry and has established the first white sugar factory with the capacity of 500-ton cane per day in 1937.(More)
Cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs) were extracted by sulfuric acid from cellulose purified via an environmentally friendly method. In this study, cellulose obtained from sugarcane bagasse (SCB) using steam-exploded and enzyme-treated pretreatment was confirmed using chemical composition analysis to have a 92.59 ± 0.12 whiteness index and 87% α-cellulose content.(More)
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