N. T. Cheung

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Since its inception in 1990, the Hospital Authority (HA) has strongly supported the development and implementation of information systems both to improve the delivery of care and to make better information available to managers. This paper summarizes the progress to date and discusses current and future developments. Following the first two phases of the HA(More)
In Hong Kong, a pilot project is being undertaken to implement a web-based electronic patient record system to allow integrated, real time patient based information to be shared in clinics, private and public hospitals. Such sharing aims to ensure that complete and accurate healthcare information is available to citizens' multiple points of care through a(More)
Relatively little is known about gambling co-morbidity in Asian youth populations. The role of trait self-control in co-morbidity also remains under-explored in the gambling literature. This study examined the association between gambling, substance use and delinquency among Chinese adolescents, and the extent to which these forms of risk behavior are(More)
The Hospital Authority developed the Information Architecture (IA) model in 2002 to support a fast, robust, flexible and accurate electronic patient record (ePR) to meet the high-tempo health care environment in Hong Kong. With several successful applications in sharing data that were created for the same patients in various systems, the IA model was(More)
Speaking the same language is a vital pre-requisite in verbal communication. The same applies in sharing health information among medical professionals in rendering care to patients. The Hospital Authority of Hong Kong developed its own clinical vocabulary table (HACVT) for clinicians to document diagnoses and procedures directly in the Clinical Management(More)
Information technology can help to improve health care delivery. The utilisation of informatics principle enhances the quality of nursing practices through improved communication, documentation and efficiency. The Nursing Profession constitutes 34% of the total workforce in the Hong Kong Hospital Authority (HA) and includes 21,000 nurses in 2012. To enhance(More)
Knowledge of the influence of couple dynamics on gender differences in gambling behavior remains meager. Building on general strain theory from the sociology of deviance and stress crossover theory from social psychology, we argue that the strain encountered by one partner in a social setting may affect his or her spouse. For instance, the wife of a man(More)
PURPOSE Adverse effects of antihypertensive therapy incur substantial cost. We evaluated whether any major classes of antihypertensive drugs were significantly associated with switching as a proxy measure of medication side effects in a large Chinese population in Hong Kong. METHODS From a clinical database, all adult patients newly prescribed an(More)
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