N. Suzanne Emil

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This randomized controlled study addressed whether sonographic needle guidance affected the outcomes of corticosteroid injection for symptomatic carpal tunnel syndrome. Seventy-seven symptomatic carpal tunnels were randomized to injection by either (1) conventional anatomic landmark palpation-guided injection or (2) sonographic image-guided injection, each(More)
PURPOSE Subcutaneous fat biopsy is useful for the evaluation of amyloidosis, environmental contaminants, lipid metabolism, genetic studies and diabetes research. The present study examined new technologies for fat biopsy. METHODS Subcutaneous fat biopsy in 10 high-risk individuals was randomized to (i) a 10 ml reciprocating procedure device (RPD)(More)
We hypothesized that constant compression of the knee would mobilize residual synovial fluid and promote successful arthrocentesis. Two hundred and ten knees with grade II–III osteoarthritis were included in this paired design study: (1) conventional arthrocentesis was performed with manual compression and success and volume (milliliters) determined; and(More)
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