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Two men had acute nonprogressive pandysautonomia. Both of them showed orthostatic hypotension, fainting in upright position, pupillary disturbances, diminished sweating, anacidity, and impotence. Case 1 showed considerable but inadequate improvement within 31 months. Case 2 recovered completely after 11 months. Clinical and pharmacodynamic investigations(More)
  • N Suwa
  • 1976
The parameters of some distribution functions for the radius of spherical bodies randomly dispersed in a three-dimensional space can be estimated with a grating of parallel test lines of regular intervals superposed on a test plane of unit surface area. The interval of the test lines is set narrower than the mean diameter of the circles on the test plane.(More)
The general equations to correlate the distribution of the radius r of spheres randomly dispersed in the three-dimensional space with measurements on a random test plane are (see article) and (see article) for the diameter delta of circular sections of spheres; and (see article) and (see article) for the length lambda of chords delivered by intersection of(More)
  • T Nakamura, T Nakajima, T Takishima, N Suzuki, S Arai, N Suwa
  • 1975
A sensitive index was proposed for the determination of left ventricular compliance. In the isolated potassium-arrested canine left ventricle, the pressure-volume (P-V) relationship was expressed as deltaV=a-be-cP throughout the range of filling pressure from 0 to 40 cmH2O, where deltaV and P were the actual volume change and intraventricular pressure, and(More)
In almost all of the cases of cardiac hypertrophy due to sustained hypertension, left ventricular capacity is increased in proportion to increased left ventricular weight, even in the absence of manifest cardiac insufficiency. The condition is regarded as the general expression of cardiac response to pressure load, and the concept of "isomorphic(More)
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