N. Suresh Kumar

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This paper presents the details of a simulation study carried out for analyzing the impact of scheduling rules that control part launching and tool request selection decisions of a flexible manufacturing system (FMS) operating under tool movement along with part movement policy. Two different scenarios have been investigated with respect to the operation of(More)
In this study, Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) method is used to calculate the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) distribution in a human head near a hand-held cellular phone. Progress in computer technology enables us to use FDTD method to numerically calculate the interactions of human head and mobile. The biological effects of Radio Frequency (RF)(More)
The number of interconnects in any VLSI system is very large. During high speed interconnect analysis, interconnect effects like signal delay, crosstalk, ground bound noise, ringing and distortion become more significant. These interconnect effects, also known as signal integrity effects, must be taken in to account during digital circuit design. It is(More)
Signal integrity becomes a challenging task in hard disk drive interconnections because of an increase in data rate in hard disk. Generally electromagnetic coupling occurs between a magnetic recording head and read/write driver on hard disk drive interconnects (HDDIs). In this paper, a novel decoupling and crosstalk reduction structure is proposed. The(More)
At higher clock frequencies signal integrity effects play major role in interconnect design. In this paper modified coplanar structure is introduced as an interconnect which reduces coupling to adjacent traces. Graded FDTD method is applied for analyzing fields in the region of edges and in between conducting plane and ground plane of the modified coplanar(More)
This paper focuses on the simulation studies conducted to evaluate the performance of a flexible manufacturing system (FMS) operating under two different scenarios: part movement policy and tool movement policy. A typical configuration of FMS is considered for the purpose of experimentation. A discrete-event simulation model of the FMS is developed for each(More)
As Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) technology shrinks to deep sub micron (DSM) geometric (below 0.18 ¿m), interconnect is becoming a limiting factor in determining circuit performance. high speed interconnects suffer from signal integrity effects like crosstalk, and propagation delay thereby degrading the entire system operation. Crosstalk is a(More)
Swasti, an International Health Resource Centre was established in 2002 in India. The objective was to enhance the health and well-being of communities, particularly the marginalized. Swasti’s main focus lies in the areas of primary health, sexual and reproductive health including HIV, communicable and non-communicable diseases, water, sanitation and(More)
Unscheduled Interchange (UI) Mechanism is a frequency based tariff policy which governs the economic aspects of inter-state power transfer via Regional UI pool and was introduced throughout India in 2002-03. The existing UI Mechanism takes into account frequency `f' of grid as the primary variable to determine price. The aim of this paper is to find out(More)
The Finite-Difference Time-Domain FDTD method has been extensively used to investigate electromagnetic problems and it usually requires large amount of computer resources and computational time. To improve the efficiency of the FDTD techniques, the Multi Resolution Time-Domain MRTD scheme, as a high-order expansion technique, has been recently developed for(More)