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AIM Sugarcane press residue (SPR), a by-product of sugarcane industry, which is rich in inorganic salts was assessed at different levels in both soya based and fish based diets of layers for egg shell and yolk quality characteristics. MATERIALS AND METHODS SPR was incorporated in 32-week-old white leghorn layer diets at 0%, 5%, 10% and 15% either in the(More)
AIM The aim was to study the effect of supplementation of lysine producing microbes (LPM) as an in vivo source of lysine on performance and egg quality characters of post-peak layers. MATERIALS AND METHODS BIS (1992) specified diets (except crude protein [CP] and lysine) were prepared using either soybean meal (SBM) or groundnut extractions (GNE) or(More)
Wireless sensor networks consist of some nodes that have limited processing capability, small memory and low energy source. These nodes are deployed randomly and often densely in the environment. In order to avoid malicious activities, the secure authentication scheme is required. Here, we have proposed the Secure Authentication based Multipath Routing(More)
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