N. Sukumar

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Barycentric coordinates can be used to express any point inside a triangle as a unique convex combination of the triangle's vertices, and they provide a convenient way to linearly interpolate data that is given at the vertices of a triangle. In recent years, the ideas of barycentric coordinates and barycentric interpolation have been extended to arbitrary(More)
In this paper, we prove the continuity of maximum-entropy basis functions using variational analysis techniques. The use of information-theoretic variational principles to derive basis functions is a recent development. In this setting, data approximation is viewed as an inductive inference problem, with the basis functions being synonymous with a discrete(More)
We derive upper and lower bounds on the gradients of Wachspress coordinates defined over any simple convex d-dimensional polytope P. The bounds are in terms of a single geometric quantity h * , which denotes the minimum distance between a vertex of P and any hyperplane containing a non-incident face. We prove that the upper bound is sharp for d = 2 and(More)
The iterative diagonalization of a sequence of large ill-conditioned generalized eigenvalue problems is a computational bottleneck in quantum mechanical methods employing nonorthogonal basis functions for ab initio electronic structure calculations. In this paper, we propose a hybrid preconditioning scheme to effectively combine global and locally(More)
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