N. Suguro

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Antisera were raised in male guinea pigs against 6-oxoestriol 3-sulfate O-carboxymethyloxime-bovine serum albumin (BSA) conjugate. The antisera to this antigen exhibited high affinity (Ka=4.7 X 10(9)M-1) and excellent specificity for estriol 3-sulfate, showing slight cross-reactions (less than 0.43%) with other estrogen sulfates, and no cross-reactivities(More)
Mechanisms that determine the strength of trophic cascades from fish to benthic algae via algivorous invertebrates in stream communities have not been clarified. Using seven fish species, we tested the hypothesis that the interspecific variation of predatory behavior of fishes affects the strength of trophic cascades in experimental streams. One or two(More)
A highly specific anti-estriol 3-sulfate antiserum was treated with 50% ammonium sulfate, and the crude globulin fraction was coupled to CNBr-activated Sepharose-4B. Addition of 0.1M Tris-HC1 buffer (pH 8.3) containing 0.1M glutamine to the solution of antigen-antibody enabled assaying without solvent-extraction or chromatography to remove endogenous(More)
Changes of gastric movements and ulcerogenic mechanisms in reserpine (6 mg/kg s.c.)-induced ulcer were studied in Wistar male rats weighing 180 to 220 g after fasting for about 20 hr. Under anesthesia with Nembutal (30 mg/kg i.p.), rats were fixed on their backs. The abdomen was incised and the stomach was exposed. Gastric movements of the fundic glandular(More)
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