N. Sugandhi

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INTRODUCTION Integration of HIV into child survival platforms is an evolving territory with multiple connotations. Most literature on integration of HIV into other health services focuses on adults; however promising practices for children are emerging. These include the Double Dividend (DD) framework, a new programming approach with dual goal of improving(More)
INTRODUCTION As the global community makes progress towards the 90-90-90 targets by 2020, a key challenge is ensuring that antiretroviral drugs for children and adolescents are suitable to the context of resource-limited settings. Drug optimization aims to support the expanded use of more simplified, less toxic drug regimens with high barriers to drug(More)
In embedded systems, wireless sensor network is the interesting field which provides various applications such as battlefield surveillance, disaster management, habitat monitoring, home automation, health care systems etc. Wireless sensor network (WSN) handles a huge number of tiny, cost effective, low powered, autonomous devices called sensor nodes which(More)
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