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This paper describes an application database collected in Wizard-of-Oz experiments in a spoken dialogue system, WAXHOLM. The system provides information on boat traffic in the Stockholm archipelago. The database consists of utterance-length speech files, their corresponding transcriptions, and log files of the dialogue sessions. In addition to the(More)
Heterokaryosis is an integral part of the parasexual cycle used by predominantly asexual fungi to introduce and maintain genetic variation in populations. Research into fungal heterokaryons began in 1912 and continues to the present day. Heterokaryosis may play a role in the ability of fungi to respond to their environment, including the adaptation of(More)
OBJECTIVES This study examines (a) the feasibility of continued research with an older population; (b) the variety of hand-wrist conditions presented by older patients; (c) the accommodations to standard chiropractic treatment for older patients; and (d) the validity, reliability, responsiveness of measures, and preliminary estimates of outcome of treatment(More)
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