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An example of a D-metric space is given, in which D-metric convergence does not define a topology and in which a convergent sequence can have infinitely many limits. Certain methods for constructing D-metric spaces from a given metric space are developed and are used in constructing (1) an example of a D-metric space in which D-metric convergence defines a(More)
Examples of complete D-metric spaces are given in which every convergent sequence has at most two limits and in which there are convergent sequences with exactly two limits. Also an example of a complete D-metric space having a convergent sequence with infinitely many limits is given and, using the example, several fixed point theorems in D-metric spaces(More)
Fast dissolving drug delivery systems offers a solution for those patients having difficulty in swallowing tablets/capsules etc. Granisetron hydrochloride was selected as the model drug. In the present study, an attempt had been made to prepare fast dissolving tablets of the drug using , plantago ovata mucilage and sodium starch glycolate as super(More)
Reports on the occurrence of fluoride in natural water resources and the associated health hazards due to human consumption have been made from many parts of India during the last decade. With the objective of organizing a systematic scientific programme to understand the behaviour of fluoride in natural water resources in relation to the local(More)
The main contributors of high nitrate concentrations in the groundwater of the Vanisadhara River basin are the point sources associated with livestock barns while the seasonal variations in nitrate (N0 3) concentrations are attributed to the prevailing hydrogeological conditions. The observed increase in nitrate under rising water level conditions,(More)
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