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To evaluate dimensional accuracy and tensile strength of a type IV gypsum product, at different time intervals, dried in air or a microwave oven. Eighty specimens prepared from a cylindrical mould were used for measuring tensile strength (group A). Twenty specimens from a master die mould were used for determining dimensional accuracy (group B). In group A,(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to establish a relation between the crest of alveolar ridge and functionally obtained neutral zone and to determine the effect of duration of edentulousness on the location of neutral zone in relation to the crest of residual alveolar ridge. MATERIALS AND METHODS The study included three groups: Group I-15 subjects(More)
The authors evaluated the panoramic radiographs of 1,193 consecutively treated patients 18 years old and younger for the presence of asymptomatic radiolucencies in the mandibular condyles. The 27 radiographs initially selected were examined by four independent reviewers. Of the 1,193 patients, 18 (1.5 percent [10 female and eight male]) met the criteria for(More)
Infection control has assumed prime importance in dentistry. It is a prime concern in prosthodontics as well, where impressions materials are most commonly used. Impression materials can act as a medium for cross infection. To prevent cross infection many products are being developed. Among them 0.5% Sodium hypochlorite and 2% Glutaraldehyde are considered(More)
Anhidrotic ectodermal dysplasia is a triad of hypodontia or anodontia, hypotrichosis, and hypohydrosis, associated with other problems that result from the defective development of structures of ectodermal origin (Freire-Maia, Pinheiro (1988)). Early and extensive dental treatment is needed keeping in mind the effect on the craniofacial growth. Due to rapid(More)
The purpose of this retrospective study was to examine the effect of recall intervals on the incidence of dental caries. Data were collected from patient records of a private pediatric dental practice. Variables examined were time of the recall interval, age, race and sex of the patient, and whether the patient lived in a fluoridated area. There were 207(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES The Influence of the loss of teeth on the condylar position and on temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction syndrome remains a c ontroversial issue. This study analyses the condylar position by means of a tomogram in partially dentate subjects which serves as a guide to predict which of the partially dentate statuses is prone to(More)
BACKGROUND To assess the clinical feasibility of lingual bone guttering technique for surgical extraction of mandibular third molars. MATERIALS AND METHODS 20 patients with thick lingual cortical plate were included in the study. Surgical extraction of mandibular third molars by lingual bone guttering technique was performed in all the subjects. These(More)
This study was undertaken to compare the bone density in nondiabetic and controlled type II diabetes patients using spiral computed tomography. A group of 40 edentulous men, comprising of 20 nondiabetics and 20 controlled type II diabetics between the ages of 50-65 years, were enrolled in the study. Glycemic control of the diabetic patients was assessed by(More)