N. Sreedevi

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This study investigates the production of geminate retroflex stops in Kannada using a combination of ultrasound and articulography. Data obtained from 10 native speakers of the language show that the retroflex gesture is dynamically complex and asymmetrical, involving an anticipatory retraction of the tongue tip, followed by the raising of this articulator(More)
Affricates have been observed to be problematic in phonological acquisition and disordered speech across languages, due to their relatively complex spatial and temporal articulatory patterns. Remediation of difficulties in the production of affricates requires understanding of how these sounds are typically produced. This study presents the first systematic(More)
Literature on articulatory acquisition has shown that children master majority of the speech sounds of their language by 3.6 years of age. Various computerized assessment tools for identification of speech sound errors or phonological processes in children have been developed in English. In the recent past, attempts have been made in India also to develop(More)
Liver is the most bio-chemically complex organ. It plays a vital role in the metabolism and in the detoxification and elimination of toxic substances. Alcohol is the most common cause of hepatic injury terminating in cirrhosis. Acetaldehyde metabolite formed during the metabolism of ethanol is very reactive compound and is the mediator of tissue and organ(More)
OBJECTIVES Speech intelligibility is severely affected in children with congenital profound hearing loss. Hypernasality is a problem commonly encountered in their speech. Auditory information received from cochlear implants is expected to be far superior to that from hearing aids. Our study aimed at comparing the percentages of nasality in the speech of the(More)
Acquisition of speech sounds during child’s development refers to the gradual mastery of speech sounds within a given language. During the initial stages of the infant’s life, the vocalizations produced are highly varied from the well formed adult speech. The study aims to investigate the appearances of speech patterns during early vocalizations at the pre(More)
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