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The involvement of gangliosides in processes related to nerve regeneration and sprouting has been demonstrated recently. The type of interaction by which gangliosides may influence neuronal sprouting was investigated in the present work. Affinity-purified rabbit anti-GM1 antibodies were found to block the sprouting from dorsal root ganglia (DRG) of chicken(More)
Antibodies elicited in rabbits against bovine brain gangliosides were applied to regenerating retinal explants to examine the role of gangliosides in the trophic effect responsible for the induction of outgrowth. The results indicate that antibodies specific to gangliosides block the neuritic outgrowth from the regenerating retinal explants. It is inferred(More)
An association between gangliosides and neuronal regeneration in goldfish is demonstrated in the present study. A single intraocular injection of affinity purified anti-GM1 antibodies administered simultaneously with crush injury of the optic nerve, inhibits the regenerating process as expressed by two parameters: protein synthesis in the retina and in(More)
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