N. Sivasankari

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-Epileptic seizure is a brain disorder caused by large number of small electrical discharges of nerve cells. Electroencephalographic (EEG) signals are the most commonly used source for Epileptic seizure prediction. A variety of temporal changes in perception and behavior may be caused by Epileptic seizures. In the human EEG, they are depicted by multiple(More)
Epilepsy is a common chronic neurological disorder that is depicted by frequent unproved seizures. Epilepsy acutely affects the customary activities of a human being. The divination of epileptic seizures assures a novel diagnostic application and a new approach for seizure control. Conventionally epilepsy is diagnosed using any one of the following(More)
Today most applications are based on the secure accessing of openings to buildings, computer networks, laptops, cellular phones, bank transactions and ATMs. The aim of biometric recognition system is to ensure that the available services are utilized only by a legitimate user, or somebody else. This paper gives on overview of biometric recognition systems.(More)
The success of any cryptographic algorithm lies in the unpredictability& irreproducibility of random number generation. For implementing the cryptographic algorithms it should be integrated within a single chip. Hence a random number generator which produces unpredictable random numbers as well as occupying less area is the essential one. In this work,(More)
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