N Simon Ambrose

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BACKGROUND Haemorrhoidectomy is frequently associated with postoperative pain and prolonged hospital stay. A new technique of haemorrhoidectomy using the Ligasure device suited to day-case surgery is described. This technique was compared with conventional open diathermy haemorrhoidectomy. METHODS Forty patients with grade III or IV haemorrhoids were(More)
Until recently, imaging had a limited role in the preoperative assessment of perianal fistulas. Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging has been shown to demonstrate accurately the anatomy of the perianal region. In addition to showing the anal sphincter mechanism, MR imaging clearly shows the relationship of fistulas to the pelvic diaphragm (levator plate) and the(More)
OBJECTIVE Ligasure haemorrhoidectomy has short-term benefits over conventional diathermy haemorrhoidectomy. The current study aimed to determine the long-term efficacy of Ligasure haemorrhoidectomy. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Forty patients, previously randomised to Ligasure or diathermy haemorrhoidectomy in 2002, were invited to participate in the study.(More)
Open tension-free hernioplasty using a prosthetic mesh is a common operation for inguinal hernia repair because of the relative ease of the operation and low recurrence rate. Wound infection is a potential complication of all hernia repairs and deep-seated infection involving an inserted mesh may result in chronic groin sepsis which usually necessitates(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of our study was to investigate the accuracy of sonography in patients with symptoms suggestive of a hernia and normal or equivocal clinical examination findings. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Fifty-nine consecutive patients (47 men, 12 women; median age, 51 years; range, 19-82 years) were enrolled in a prospective study of sonography and(More)
Detection of free malignant cells in the peritoneal cavity following curative resections of colorectal cancer may explain why some patients develop local or peritoneal recurrence after favourable operations. We have examined the incidence of peritoneal malignant cells using standard cytological methods and by indirect immunoperoxidase staining using(More)
OBJECTIVE The impact of spontaneous tumour perforation on survival following surgery for colon cancer is unclear. This study compares survival outcomes for patients with perforated colonic cancer with stage-matched nonperforated cancer. METHOD A prospective histological database was searched for all patients undergoing resection for adenocarcinoma of the(More)
The influence of a single intravenous dose of antibiotic on faecal flora and the emergence of Clostridium difficile was studied in volunteers. Seventy-eight volunteers (13 groups of 6 receiving 5 penicillins and 8 cephalosporins) were given a single intravenous dose of antibiotic. Results were compared with a control group of 6 volunteers who did not(More)
The results of a prospective randomized trial in 111 patients were recorded to compare manual dilatation of the anus with lateral subcutaneous sphincterotomy performed under general anesthesia. There was no significant difference in the clinical results nor in the incidence of complications. Persistent or recurrent fissure occurred in three of 59 patients(More)
AIMS To assess the safety, sensitivity and specificity of out-patient herniography when used to diagnose hernias in the presence of a normal or equivocal physical examination. MATERIALS AND METHODS This retrospective study reviewed the symptoms, clinical findings, radiological findings, surgical findings and clinical outcome of 112 patients referred for(More)