N. Shravan Kumar

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Exact stationary soliton solutions of the fifth order KdV type equation u t + αu p u x + βu 3x + γu 5x = 0 are obtained for any p (> 0) in case αβ > 0, Dβ > 0, βγ < 0 (where D is the soliton velocity), and it is shown that these solutions are unstable with respect to small perturbations in case p ≥ 5. Various properties of these solutions are discussed. In(More)
—We have solved the Burgers-Fisher (BF) type equations, with time-dependent coefficients of convection and reaction terms, by using the auxiliary equation method. A class of solitary wave solutions are obtained, and some of which are derived for the first time. We have studied the effect of variable coefficients on physical parameters (amplitude and(More)
It is generally known that the orbital diamagnetism of a classical system of charged particles in thermal equilibrium is identically zero – the Bohr-van Leeuwen theorem. Physically, this null result derives from the exact cancellation of the orbital diamagnetic moment associated with the complete cyclotron orbits of the charged particles by the paramagnetic(More)
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