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Local anesthesia forms the foundation of pain control techniques in clinical dentistry. Within the rich local anesthetic drugs available in dentistry for the prevention and management of pain 4% articaine solutions achieve highest level of anesthetic potency and lowest systemic toxicity in all clinical situations, prior to its superlative physicochemical(More)
To be acquainted with dental anatomical specificity is of great importance for dental endodontic treatment algorithm. The subject of present publication is 2 clinical cases of upper second molars, detailed characterization of, which is considered very important for enrichment of anatomical knowledge about dental anatomical variations. In one case, the(More)
Gemination and fusion are anomalies in size, shape and structure of teeth. Gemination more frequently affects the primary teeth, but it may occur in permanent dentitions, usually in the incisor region. Geminated teeth are typically disfigured in appearance due to irregularities of the enamel. Fused teeth can have separated pulpal space, one pulp chamber and(More)
There was created new medical form of antiviral reparation Rodopes that surpassed previous forms - Rodopes adhesive ointment and Rodopes ointment - and also traditional preparations Zovirax and Interferon with its increased therapeutic effectiveness. Rodopes polymer films are much more comfortable way of clinical usage and can be successfully and widely(More)
Almost each stage of endodontic treatment is connected with structural peculiarities of teeth. One of the biggest challenges facing clinicians is profound knowledge of root canal systems which is different in various races and ethnic groups. This study is devoted to the investigation of anatomo-morphological peculiarities of maxillary first premolar in(More)
Incomplete and superficial knowledge of morphological types and anatomical variations of the root canal system will become the reason leading to the failure of endodontic treatment. cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) - it is a technologically more sophisticated, interesting, reliable, non-invasive imaging technique with high degree of visualization,(More)
One of the main reasons that cause the failure of endodontic treatment is the lack of knowledge of complex anatomy of the tooth cavity. Numerous studies over the years have established a complex structure of the tooth root system, a particular configuration of which determines the uniqueness of each tooth.Numerous researches have laid the foundation for(More)
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