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Nineteen cases of subdural hematomata in alcoholics are discussed to show the special diagnostic problems that the psychiatrist is faced with when dealing with such a disease picture. Although it is relatively easy to show that subdural hematomata in alcoholics are usually of traumatic origin, yet there is the difficulty of the psychiatrist being confronted(More)
The physical and mental reactions were registered before and after smoking 2 g hashish in 30 volunteers who had never smoked hashish before. The EEG shows no pathological changes. Hashish significantly raises the heart rate. The blood pressure shows a tendency to fall. The cardiovascular disturbances may be so marked that collapse occurs. The reaction of(More)
In 53 patients, consulting for headache of different types, a pathological EEG had been observed several years ago; at this time, a neurological or medical origin of the bioelectric abnormalities could not be found. These patients (average age: 32.4 y.) were reexamined systematically after an average delay of 3 years. Generally, one observes a clear(More)
Ejaculates from 30 patients with alcohol toxic delirium have been tested. We found a decreased number of hypospermia (n = 8) and a reduced sperm density of 18 mill.spermatozoa/ml. Judging sperm density, morphology and motility, 29 sperm-counts are severe pathological. The disturbance of spermiogeneses is most pronounced (2 = 0.01), when increased FSH-values(More)