N. Senthilnathan

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The power quality has degraded due to the increase of power electronic equipments for developing efficient interfacing of renewable energy to the grid. The wide uses of non-linear loads are responsible for harmonic problems and have a significant impact on the quality of power supply. The renewable energy source is directly connected to the grid which will(More)
A new control algorithm implemented with Adaptive Hysteresis Current Control technique for Shunt Active Filter is proposed. A three-phase six-pulse converter with resistive load is considered as the non-linear load. Many switching methods are used to produce switching pulse which leads to the generation of reference current. Hysteresis Current Control is(More)
This paper detects the disturbing loads in distorted and/or un-balanced three phase three wire power system. It is based on the simultaneous measurement of four non-active power quantities, which are found on the IEEE Std. 1459-2000 method. It allows, achieving better knowledge of the power system when both harmonic distortion and un-balance are present.(More)
The reliability and cost of any electrical system depends greatly on the quality of the power supplied to and consumed by the system. The electrical utilities are very much concerned about the power quality due to the presence of nonlinear loads in their power distribution systems. The Non linear residential loads cause harmonics in the residential(More)
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