N. Scott Bradley

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  • Research V Staff, Corinne Bulović, Matthew Packard, Jonathan Panzer, Yaakov Tischler, Burag Yaglioglu +30 others
  • 2010
Alternating current thin-film electroluminescent (AC-TFEL) devices already occupy a segment of the large-area, high-resolution, flat-panel-display market. The AC-TFEL displays, which consist of a phosphor layer, such as manganese doped-zinc sulfide (ZnS:Mn), vertically sandwiched between two insulators that are contacted by electrodes, are robust, possess(More)
One fundamental challenge in designing organic light-emitting diodes is luminescence quenching near an electrode. In this work, we investigate the underlying mechanism behind luminescence quenching by measuring the reduction in Alq 3 photolumines-cence due to SnO0 2. Using an analytical model and a Monte Carlo simulation for exciton dynamics in amorphous(More)
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