N . Sayed Baba

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Control of spatio-temporal chaos by the time-delay autosynchronization method is improved by several orders of magnitude. Unstable time periodic patterns are efficiently stabilized if one employs filters and couplings which originate from the Floquet eigenvalue problem of the unstable orbit. We illustrate our scheme by an application to a globally coupled(More)
Chaotic Hamiltonian systems with time scale separation display features known from nonequilibrium statistical physics even when no thermodynamic limit is involved. In particular, fast chaotic degrees of freedom can be modeled by suitable stochastic forces and a Fokker-Planck equation governing the slow parts of the motion can be derived. It turns out that(More)
The Hamiltonian dynamics of slow variables coupled to fast degrees of freedom is modeled by an effective stochastic differential equation. Formal perturbation expansions, involving a Markov approximation, yield a Fokker-Planck equation in the slow subspace which respects conservation of energy. A detailed numerical and analytical analysis of suitable model(More)
We studied the dynamics of a prototypical electrochemical model, the electro-oxidation of hydrogen in the presence of poisons, under galvanostatic conditions. The lumped system exhibits relaxation oscillations, which develop mixed-mode oscillations (MMOs) for low preset currents. A fast-slow analysis of the homogeneous dynamics reveals that the MMOs arise(More)
We investigate time-delayed feedback control schemes which are based on the unstable modes of the target state, to stabilize unstable periodic orbits. The periodic time dependence of these modes introduces an external time scale in the control process. Phase shifts that develop between these modes and the controlled periodic orbit may lead to a huge(More)
The study of the long time behavior of systems with time-scale separation is considerably facilitated if the fast degrees of freedom can be eliminated without affecting the slow dynamics. We investigate a technique in which the fluctuations due to a fast chaotic subsystem are replaced by a suitable stochastic process so that a Fokker-Planck equation for the(More)
Volume 2, Issue 8, August 2013 Page 14 Abstract The purpose of the car wheel rim provide’s a firm base on which to fit the tire. Its dimensions, shape should be suitable to adequately accommodate the particular tire required for the vehicle. In this study a tire of car wheel rim belonging to the disc wheel category is considered. Design in an important(More)
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