N. Satoh

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In the PET system a block detector, which is a position-sensitive photomultiplier (PMT) tube coupled to four arrays of 1.7-mm-wide BGO crystals, is utilized. Fifteen block detectors are positioned to form a 35-cm-diameter ring, with four BGO arrays coupled to each PMT. This provides four detector rings, giving the system a 7-slice imaging capability. The(More)
This paper proposes an emotion clustering procedure for emotion detection in infants' cries. Our clustering procedure is performed using the results of subjective opinion tests regarding the emotions expressed in infants' cries. Through the procedure, we obtain a tree data structure of emotion clusters that are generated by the progressive merging of(More)
1. Introduction Statistical compression methods using arithmetic coding have a high-compression ratio [l]. However, their complexity limits their application due to the inherent computation overhead for a software imnlementation. There is an increasing need for faster data compression methods to improve the capabilities of existing data storage and(More)
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