N. Satheesh Kumar

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A series of novel sEH inhibitors containing a N-substituted piperidine ring [N-urea (8a–i) (9a–l) and amide derivatives (6a–l) (7a–l)] with pyrazole (a five-membered polar heterocycle) as a pharmacophore lead for sEH inhibition have been designed, synthesized and evaluated as novel analogues to reduce blood pressure elevation and inflammatory roles by(More)
Chalcones and their synthetic analogues appear to have the same binding site of tubuline as phenstatin, combretastatin steganacin and podophylotoxin and are therefore capable to inhibit cancer cell proliferation. The phenyl rings with appropriate substitutions maintain a fixed distance between two centers of aryl rings. The two aromatic rings in these(More)
Benzoyl chloride was added to the solution of anthranilic acid in pyridine to afford crude 2-phenyl-benzo[d][1, 3] oxazin-4-one (1). To the solution of compound 1 in dry toluene, various substituted anilines were added and the mixture refluxed for 8 h to afford 2-phenyl-3-(substituted phenyl)-3H-quinazolin-4-ones (2a-2f). All the compounds were obtained in(More)
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