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In recent years several implementations of molecular dynamics Ž . Ž . MD codes have been reported on multiple instruction multiple data MIMD machines. However, very few implementations of MD codes on single instruction Ž . multiple data SIMD machines have been reported. The difficulty in using pair lists of nonbonded interactions is the major problem with(More)
Expansion of the brain is one of the defining characteristics of modern humans. Seckel syndrome (MIM210600), a disorder of markedly reduced brain and body size1,2, is associated with defective ATR-dependant DNA damage signalling3. Previously, only a single hypomorphic mutation of ATR has been identified in this genetically heterogeneous condition4. We now(More)
For a growing number of biologists DNA or protein data are typically retrieved and managed on the Web, and not in the laboratory. A large number of bioinformatics datasets from primary and (thousands of) secondary databases are scattered on the Web in various formats. A biologist end-user might need to access and use tens of databases and tools every day.(More)
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