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An XML clustering algorithm should process both structural and content information of XML documents in order to improve the accuracy and meaning of the clustering solution. However, the inclusion of both kinds of information in the clustering process results in a huge overhead for the underlying clustering algorithm because of the high dimensionality of the(More)
The Bluetooth Server is deployed at different Areas and it's ID is transmitted to the Server. GPS Enabled will also roam around the City everywhere. If Non GPS Mobile User is available within the Limit of Bluetooth Accessibility, then User's Location is easily tracked. If User is out of Bluetooth Coverage area, then GPS Enabled Users will communicate with(More)
In a Vehicular Ad-hoc Network (VANET), vehicles communicate with each other and possibly with roadside infrastructure nodes. Node connectivity and the amount of data that can be exchanged are limited by the duration and quality of the communication links established among nodes, which are determined by the space and time dynamics of moving vehicles. We(More)
— In this paper, a new approach is proposed to extract features from the dorsal hand vein pattern. The modified Weber Local Binary Pattern (WLBP) is feature descriptor extracted, which effectively combines the advantages of WLD and LBP. WLBP feature vector consists of two components: Differential Excitation and LBP. The Differential excitation component(More)
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