N. S. Sundar

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Parallel algorithms for several common problems such as sorting and the FFT involve a personalized exchange of data among all the processors. Past approaches to doing complete exchange have taken either the combining or the direct exchange approaches. While combining reduces the number of message startups, direct exchange minimizes the volume of data(More)
Aim: To identify the organisms causing respiratory diseases in dogs that belongs to areas in and around Hyderabad city. Materials and Methods: Nasal samples were collected using sterile swabs from the canine clinical cases that were presented with the history of respiratory diseases at the University administered Veterinary Hospital, Bhoiguda, Secunderabad(More)
Nowadays electric power generation from renewable sources of energy is growing vastly. In India; twenty eight percent of total power is being generated using non-renewable sources like solar; wind; biogas etc. The power generated is fed to the main grid via micro grid system. As the nature does not remain similar all the time; there is disturbance in wind(More)
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