N S Solodovnikov

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Plasmid content in 242 Yersinia pestis strains from various natural plague foci of the U.S.S.R. and other countries was studied. Of these strains, 172 (71%) were shown to carry three plasmids described previously of about 6, 45-50 and 60 MDa, respectively. Twenty strains (8%) from different foci harboured additional cryptic plasmids, most often of about 20(More)
The authors have developed the optimal variant of the enzyme immunoassay system that contains plague murine monoclonal and equine polyclonal immunoglobulins and identified all plague microbe strains at a high sensitivity (3.84 m.cl/ml). The cross reactivity of monoclonal antibodies with some pseudotuberculosis agent strains does not prevent from using the(More)
The study of the plasmid composition of 246 Y. pestis strains from different natural foci in the USSR and other countries revealed that 173 strains (70%) carried three known plasmids with a molecular weight of about 6, 45-50 and 60 megadaltons (MD) respectively. In 20 strains (8%) obtained from different sources additional cryptic plasmids were detected. In(More)
Y. pestis high repeated sequences DNA (HRS) used as probes in the blot hybridization procedure made it possible to reveal some tendencies of their location on the chromosome, namely, the correlation with the regions where Y. pestis strains were isolated, correlation with the stability of their properties and, perhaps, with the variation of individual(More)
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