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Among all the kinds of locomotion adapted by the living organisms in nature, jumping has proven itself as one of the most efficient ways of traversal through rough terrain. Frogs are the efficient and stable organisms which use jumping as their primary means of locomotion. For any legged robot to take a perfect jump, taking off perfectly is one of the most(More)
Titanium alloy exhibits an excellent combination of bio-compatibility, corrosion resistance, strength and toughness. The microstructure of an alloy influences the properties. The microstructures depend mainly on alloying elements, method of production, mechanical, and thermal treatments. The relationships between these variables and final properties of the(More)
Kannada script has large number of characters with similar looking shapes among characters and characters belonging to same class have higher variability across different set of fonts. Moreover, the Kannada characters are formed by combination of basic symbols, recognition of the Kannada character is complex and challenging task. The better approach for(More)
In the fossil fuel (coal) based power plants, for estimating the combustion air requirement and for ensuring effective combustion of coal, it is very essential to know the elemental composition of the coal that is fired. Ultimate analysis is the process to be performed to know elemental composition of the coal collected. The ultimate analysis is costly,(More)
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