N. S. Reddy

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This paper presents a preliminary study aimed to optimize the signal characteristics of an optical indoor wireless communication system for telemedicine and mobile user applications. Specifically, detected signals associated with experimental geometries based on line-of-sight (LOS)-pointto-point-optical link and line-of-sight (LOS)-point-to-pointparallel to(More)
Among all the kinds of locomotion adapted by the living organisms in nature, jumping has proven itself as one of the most efficient ways of traversal through rough terrain. Frogs are the efficient and stable organisms which use jumping as their primary means of locomotion. For any legged robot to take a perfect jump, taking off perfectly is one of the most(More)
The photovoltaic (PV) system exhibits a nonlinear current-voltage (I-V) characteristic that its maximum power point (MPP) varies with solar insolation and temperature. In this paper, a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) method using fuzzy logic control (FLC) is presented. This method is based on the concept of perturbation and observation (P & O) algorithm(More)
In the fossil fuel (coal) based power plants, for estimating the combustion air requirement and for ensuring effective combustion of coal, it is very essential to know the elemental composition of the coal that is fired. Ultimate analysis is the process to be performed to know elemental composition of the coal collected. The ultimate analysis is costly,(More)
Steel design with the targeted properties is a challenging task due to the involvement of many variables and their complex interactions. Artificial neural networks (ANN) recognized for representing the complex relationships and genetic algorithms (GA) are successful for optimization of many real world problems. ANN has been used to identify the relative(More)
Method for applying spread-spectrum techniques to optical communication is presented. The interference suppression capability of spread-spectrum systems is shown to be enhanced by optical transform domain processing.Effects of jammer in DSSS communication system are demonstrated in thispaper.Several possible implementations of this system are suggested, and(More)
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