N. S. Popova

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The complex neurophysiological, biochemical, and histochemical investigation carried out in dogs, cats, rabbits, and rats revealed the effects of taftsin (300 mcg/kg) at the macro- and microlevels within different periods (30 and 75 min) after its intraperitoneal injection. It was shown that after taftsin administration the configuration of evoked(More)
The resulting data give evidences, that after injection of the low doses of amphetamine the decrease of amplitudes both negative (NC-3), and positive components (PC-3) of the thalamo-cortical responses (TCR) of the sensorimotor cortex (SMC) takes place in 2nd-3d-weeks-old rabbits of their postnatal life. At the same time the amplitudes of these phases in(More)
Interdependence of integrative processes in the relays of the analyzers of signal stimuli (auditory and visual) was estimated by EP parameters (latency, amplitude, and duration) of the first positive and negative components. It has been shown that the significance of the coefficients of correlation between EP parameters in the studied structures is(More)
1. The study of interdependence between integrative processes in relays of the analyzer of the conditioned stimulus shows that significant coefficients of correlation between EP parameters in these brain structures are determined by the stage of formation of behavior. 2. In stage 1 of defensive conditioning, before independent effector responses are(More)
The character of evoked potentials (EPs) dynamics to signal light stimulus during elaboration of avoidance reaction, allows to assert that during formation of adaptive activity functional balance is established of sensory and integrative-triggering brain parts or functional balance of "motor" and "sensory" integration regimes. Each of the studied(More)
It has been shown that at the beginning of motor program forming, homogeneous and cyclic excitations take place between the nonspecific thalamic structures and caudate nuclei. Later on reciprocity of the afferent inflows to the nuclei under consideration occurs, that indicates a different pattern of the involvement of these structures into intercentral(More)