N S Pattabiraman

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Molecular mechanical simulations have been carried out on dermorphin. Presence of D-Ala2 at the N-terminus and L-Pro6 residue at the C-terminus indicated the probability of beta-turns. From the stereochemical considerations, three types- II', III' and V' - for the beta-turn at the N-terminus of the peptide and two types-I and III- for the C-terminus side of(More)
In a series of studies, combining NMR, optical melting and T-jump experiments, it was found that DNA hairpins display a maximum stability when the loop part of the molecule comprises four or five nucleotide residues. This is in contrast with the current notion based on RNA hairpin studies, from which it had been established that a maximum hairpin stability(More)
We used energy minimization of a molecular mechanical force field to evaluate spermine interactions with B-form DNA oligomers with either alternating purine/pyrimidine or homopolymeric sequences. Four different positions for spermine docking--within, along, and bridging the minor groove and bridging the major groove--were assessed for each sequence.(More)
Computer graphics model building and molecular mechanical calculations have been carried out on d(CGTACG)2 and its bis-intercalation complexes with triostin A and an N-Me-Ala analogue of triostin A. Two conformations of the DNA have been considered both for the uncomplexed and for complexed nucleic acid: in one the central A - T base pairs are Watson-Crick(More)
We have used molecular modeling techniques to model the RNA tertiary structure of the viral RNA element (referred to as domain II of Rev responsive element, RRE) bound by the Rev protein of HIV. In this study, the initial three-dimensional model was built from its established RNA secondary structure, including three non-Watson-Crick G:G, G:A and G:U base(More)
A method is described for generating van der Waals molecular surfaces with a real-time interactive calligraphic color display system. These surfaces maintain their proper representation during bond rotation and global transformations, and an interior atom removal method yields a comprehensible picture of the molecular surface for large molecules. Both(More)
High-spin states in 135Nd were populated with the 110Pd(30Si,5n)135Nd reaction at a 30Si bombarding energy of 133 MeV. Two DeltaI=1 bands with close excitation energies and the same parity were observed. These bands are directly linked by DeltaI=1 and DeltaI=2 transitions. The chiral nature of these two bands is confirmed by comparison with(More)
Pure absorption phase proton two-dimensional nuclear Overhauser effect (2D NOE) spectra at 500 MHz have been obtained for [d(5'ATATATATAT3')]2 in deuterium oxide solution at several mixing times. The 100 nonexchangeable proton resonances have been assigned. The experimental 2D NOE spectra were compared with theoretical spectra calculated by using the(More)
We used molecular dynamics to model interactions between the physiologically important polyamine spermine and two B-DNA oligomers, the homopolymer (dG)10-(dC)10 and the heteropolymer (dGdC)5-(dGdC)5. Water and counterions were included in the simulation. Starting coordinates for spermine-DNA complexes were structures obtained by molecular mechanics modeling(More)