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To determine the relative contributions of taste and smell in the consumption of alcohol by rats, the present experiment tested normal rats (n = 14) and rats with either gustatory cortex ablations (n = 10), olfactory bulbectomies (n = 11), or combination gustatory cortex and olfactory bulb ablations (n = 12). Rats were tested under mild fluid deprivation(More)
Normal rats presented with a 5% alcohol solution followed by lithium chloride-induced illness quickly learned to avoid drinking alcohol. After training, the rats also avoided drinking water in the presence of the alcohol odor alone, whether tested immediately or 1 month later. In Experiment 1, rats with gustatory neocortex (GN) ablations also developed(More)
Rats with ablations of the gustatory neocortex (Experiment 1) and rats with olfactory bulb ablations (Experiment 2) were compared with normal rats for aversion generalization to both single taste solutions (sucrose, sodium chloride, quinine hydrochloride, hydrochloric acid) and compound taste solutions (pairs of the four single tastants) following alcohol(More)
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