N. S. Landinez P.

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The aim of this paper is to introduce a new mathematical model using a mechanobiological approach describing the process of osseointegration at the bone-dental implant interface in terms of biological and mechanical factors and the implant surface. The model has been computationally implemented by using the finite element method. The results show the(More)
The healing of the injured tissues after the insertion of a dental implant begins with the formation of a fibrin clot that detains the blood flow and gives initial support to the osteoprogenitor cells. The adequate formation of this clot determines the direct and stable connection between bone and implant, process known as osseointegration. The aim of this(More)
Articular cartilage (AC) is a biological tissue that allows the distribution of mechanical loads and movement of joints. The presence of these mechanical loads influences the behavior and physiological condition of AC. The loads may cause damaged by fatigue through injuries due to repeated accumulated stresses. The aim of this work is to introduce a(More)
Exposure to environmental risk factors such as herbicides in early life has been proposed to play important roles in the development of neurodegenerative disorders in adult life. To test this hypothesis, we used a zebrafish model to link the herbicide paraquat (PQ) to disease etiology. Strikingly, treatment of 18 hpf embryonic zebrafish with low-dose PQ(More)
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