N S Harsha Gunda

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Accelerating the discovery of new materials is crucial for realizing the vision of need-driven materials development. In the present study we employ an integrated computational and experimental approach to search for new thermoelectric materials. High-throughput first principles calculations of thermoelectric transport coefficients are used to screen(More)
Phytoremediation is a promising means for the treatment of contamination arising from heavy metal spills. Although several species have been identified as hyperaccumulators, most of the studies were performed with only one heavy metal. Experiments were conducted with two cultivars of H. annuus exposed to different combinations of metal contamination (30(More)
Tin(II)sulfide, SnS, is a commercially viable and environmentally friendly thermoelectric material. Recently it was shown how the carrier concentration and the thermoelectric power factor can be optimized by Ag-doping in a sulphur rich environment. Theoretical calculations lead to a fairly accurate estimation of the carrier concentration, whereas the(More)
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