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The pituitary intermediate lobe of most species is cytologically monotonous, but that of the dog is composed of two immunocytochemically distinct cell types. The predominant A cells are typical pars intermedia cells: they stain immunocytochemically for alpha-melanotropin and, more weakly, for adrenocorticotropin and beta-lipotropin. The B cells are like the(More)
42 women with amenorrhoea and hyperprolactinaemia had trans-sphenoidal surgery and resection of histologically verified pituitary adenomas. 74% of these patients developed amenorrhoea and/or galactorrhoea in immediate association with the use or discontinuation of oral contraceptives or post partum. There was enough adenomatous tissue for immunocytochemical(More)
Immunoperoxidase staining was performed to localize glycoprotein hormone alpha subunit in mouse brain. Staining was found only in the median eminence with the use of ovine LH-alpha antiserum and was diffuse, not localized to fibers but to pericapillary areas. Absorption of the antiserum with bovine TSH-alpha subunit completely abolished the staining. These(More)
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