N S Ernst

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In polymyositis (PM), CD8+ T cell receptor (TCR) alpha/beta + cells invade and destroy major histocompatibility complex class I-positive muscle fibers. We combined polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and double-fluorescence immunocytochemistry to analyze the T cell receptor (TCR) repertoire expressed in muscle of PM patients. In patient 1, inverse PCR revealed(More)
A circumferential hoof clamp method to induce controlled and reversible lameness in the forelimbs of eight horses was assessed. Peak vertical forces and vertical impulses were recorded using a force plate to verify induced lameness. Video recordings were used by blinded observers to determine subjective lameness using a 0-5 scale and any residual lameness(More)
Model catalyst systems have been prepared by growth of small metal aggregates on thin well ordered oxide films of alumina and silica. These systems lend themselves to structural and morphological characterization via scanning probe microscopies and transmission electron microscopy and bridge to a certain extent the materials gap between metal single crystal(More)
20 male and female patients with type II hyperlipoproteinaemia and 10 normal male and female subjects were fed for 11--15 days a eucaloric diet containing less than 300 mg cholesterol with a polyunsaturated to saturated fatty-acid ratio of about 2.0. Male subjects and patients and female patients showed statistically significant decreases in plasma total(More)
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