N. S. A. Zulkifli

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Three species of otter can be found throughout Malay Peninsula: Aonyx cinereus, Lutra sumatrana, and Lutrogale perspicillata. In this study, we focused on the A. cinereus population that ranges from the southern and the east coast to the northern regions of Malay Peninsula up to southern Thailand to review the relationships between the populations based on(More)
Recent advances in wireless communication standards and medical monitoring system have made it possible to effectively combine mesh networking with Non-Invasive medical application which is Pulse Oximeter in order to create reliable, large-scale wireless Network. This Mesh networking will enable doctors and nurses to observe and monitor a number of patients(More)
Authors retain copyright over their work, while allowing the conference to place their unpublished work under a Creative Commons Attribution License, which allows others to freely access, use, and share the work, with an acknowledgement of the work's authorship and its initial presentation at this conference. Authors have the sole responsibility concerning(More)
SUMMARY This paper investigates several aspects of the Land Administration Domain Model (LADM, ISO 2012) associated to 2D and 3D cadastral situations within Malaysian cadastral registration system. Literature review shows that many countries propose their own profile based on the LADM such as The Netherlands, Portugal, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Australia/(More)
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