N. Rozen

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Interdiction operations involving search, identification, and interception of suspected objects are of great interest and high operational importance to military and naval forces as well as nation's coast guards and border patrols. The interdiction scenario discussed in this paper includes an area of interest with multiple neutral and hostile objects moving(More)
OBJECTIVES Injectable Bromelain Solution (IBS) is a modified investigational derivate of the medical grade bromelain-debriding pharmaceutical agent (NexoBrid) studied and approved for a rapid (four-hour single application), eschar-specific, deep burn debridement. We conducted an ex vivo study to determine the ability of IBS to dissolve-disrupt (enzymatic(More)
Background. There is no consensus regarding gender-related differences in pain intensity and functional abilities among patients with knee osteoarthritis (OA). Objective. Determine gender-related differences in pain intensity and functional ability among subjects with knee OA, as assessed by a self-report questionnaire and by performance-based tests.(More)
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