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Isolated population groups are useful in conducting association studies of complex diseases to avoid various pitfalls, including those arising from population stratification. Since DNA resequencing is expensive, it is recommended that genotyping be carried out at tagSNP (tSNP) loci. For this, tSNPs identified in one isolated population need to be used in(More)
T. Karayannis1,*, E. Au1,*, J.C. Patel2,†, I. Kruglikov1,†, S. Markx3, R. Delorme4,5,6, D. Héron7, D. Salomon8, J. Glessner9, S. Restituito1, A. Gordon9, L. Rodriguez-Murillo3, N.C. Roy1,10, J. Gogos11, B. Rudy1, M.E. Rice2, M. Karayiorgou3, H. Hakonarson4, B. Keren12, G. Huguet4,5,13, T. Bourgeron4,5,13,14, C. Hoeffer1, R.W. Tsien1, E. Peles8, and G.(More)
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