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The tolerance approach to sensitivity analysis, in contrast to classical sensitivity analysis, allows for simultaneous and independent perturbations of objective function coefficients and of righthand-side terms from their original values. Here we specialize this approach to network problems. The specialization yields streamlined results in that the(More)
This paper presents the methodologies for incipient fault detection in Power transformers for off-line and on-line. An artificial neural network is used to detect off-line faults and whereas wavelet transforms are being used for on-line fault detection. The Dissolved Gas Analysis to detect incipient faults has been improved using artificial neural networks(More)
This paper presents a detailed description of a vision system developed to detect and locate the non-uniformities that appear on the web offset printing machine. Specifically, the system is capable of monitoring the high-speed web offset printing in a real time environment and alerting the operator of any events (e.g., structural faults, color variations,(More)
This paper presents a new methodology to detect faults in synchronous generators. The proposed approach is based on principal component analysis. Principal component analysis is a multivariate statistical technique used for detecting fault transients and characterization of faults. The proposed fault detection scheme is able to distinguish internal and(More)
Hadoop is an open-source software framework for distributed storage and distributed processing of massive data sets on large computer clusters [1]. Hadoop stores all the files on Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS [2]). The major drawback of HDFS is that it stores all the metadata of its files on a single node called Name Node. When we have large number(More)
This paper presents a template-based vision system to detect and classify the nonuniformaties that appear on the semiconductor wafer surfaces. Design goals include detection of flaws and correlation of defect features based on semiconductor industry expert’s knowledge. The die pattern is generated and kept as the reference beforehand from the experts in the(More)
Hundreds of clinicians in the US conduct asylum evaluations, to document evidence of torture and persecution of people fleeing their home countries. Participating in these encounters puts clinicians at risk for vicarious trauma (VT). Little research addressed VT in physicians. Even less is known about VT among asylum evaluators. A survey was distributed to(More)
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