N. Ramkumar

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Neurons acquire their molecular, neurochemical, and connectional features during development as a result of complex regulatory mechanisms. Here, we show that a ubiquitous, multifunctional protein cofactor, Chip, plays a critical role in a set of neurons in Drosophila that control the well described posteclosion behavior. Newly eclosed flies normally expand(More)
Crumbs family proteins are apical transmembrane proteins with ancient roles in cell polarity. Mouse Crumbs2 mutants arrest at midgestation with abnormal neural plate morphology and a deficit of mesoderm caused by defects in gastrulation. We identified an ENU-induced mutation, wsnp, that phenocopies the Crumbs2 null phenotype. We show that wsnp is a null(More)
Managing inventories is crucial to the objective of minimizing supply chain costs. This paper presents an approach for setting inventory norms in context of a real-life case of an industry which practices Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI). The role of warehouses and the inventories held by them becomes significant in such an environment. This paper presents a(More)
To protect memories from soft errors and stuck-at defects, the Error correction codes (ECCs) are used. Single error correction (SEC) codes that can correct 1-bit error per word are a typical choice for memory protection. In some occasions, SEC codes are extended to conjointly offer double error detection are referred to as SEC-DED codes. Recently, some(More)
The increasing demand for higher data rates and higher quality in wireless communications has motivated the use of multiple antenna elements. MISO (Multiple Input Single Output) is an antenna technology for wireless communications in which multiple antennas are used at the source (transmitter) and single antenna used at receiver. Multiple transmitting(More)
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