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In this paper, ensemble models are developed to accurately forecast software reliability. Various statistical (multiple linear regression and multivariate adaptive regression splines) and intelligent techniques (backpropagation trained neural network, dynamic evolving neuro–fuzzy inference system and TreeNet) constitute the ensembles presented. Three linear(More)
Speech recognition relies on the language model in order to decode an utterance, and in general a better language model improves the performance of a speech recognizer. We have recently found that a time-based language model can improve on a standard trigram language model in terms of perplexity [5]. This technical report presents the evaluation of this new(More)
— With the advancement in Networking and Telecommunication technologies and the increase in mobility necessities, Wireless Networks and its related technologies are becoming more popular nowadays. Since, Wireless and Mobile Networks are still evolving, the technology requires much more optimizations. The traditional Base Station (BS) based Wireless networks(More)
The Cognitive Radio project aims to develop radios that can sense the existing spectrum and identify and use free frequency bands. Primary users using time division multiple access (TDMA) are licensed users who are assigned with certain channels, and secondary users using carrier sense multiple access (CSMA) are unlicensed users who are allowed to use the(More)
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