N. Raj Kiran

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In this paper, ensemble models are developed to accurately forecast software reliability. Various statistical (multiple linear regression and multivariate adaptive regression splines) and intelligent techniques (backpropagation trained neural network, dynamic evolving neuro–fuzzy inference system and TreeNet) constitute the ensembles presented. Three linear(More)
In this paper, operational risk arising from the technological dimension is effectively modeled by efficiently forecasting software reliability. We propose the use of wavelet neural networks (WNN) to predict software reliability. Two kinds of wavelets were employed in WNN as transfer functions, viz. Morlet wavelet and Gaussian wavelet, thus giving rise to(More)
Software cost estimation predicts the amount of effort and development time required to build the system. Instead of just putting values into giving equation to calculate the cost and effort, we require more work on a scale and cost drivers to increase the accuracy of software cost estimation. The Software cost estimation process depends on the attributes(More)
32 Abstract— Cognitive radio technology is widely accepted as an efficient approach to solve the problem of scarcity of the wireless spectrum resulting due to the rapid growth in the ubiquitous wireless applications. Several cognitive medium access control protocols have been proposed for the secondary users (non-licensed users) to take advantage of the(More)
The Cognitive Radio project aims to develop radios that can sense the existing spectrum and identify and use free frequency bands. Primary users using time division multiple access (TDMA) are licensed users who are assigned with certain channels, and secondary users using carrier sense multiple access (CSMA) are unlicensed users who are allowed to use the(More)
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