N. Radhakrishnan

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Bioassay-guided isolation of methanolic extract of the leaves of Origanum vulgare Linn., yielded two protocatechuic acid ester derivatives, origanol A (1) and origanol B (2) along with ursolic acid (3), oleanolic acid (4), β-sitosterol (5), and triacontanol (6). Structures of the compound were established based on physical and spectral data (UV, IR, (1)H(More)
— The explosive growth of spatial data and extensive utilization of spatial databases emphasize the necessity for the automated discovery of spatial knowledge. In modern times, spatial data mining has emerged as an area of voluminous research. Forest fires are a chief environmental concern, causing economical and ecological damage while endangering human(More)
The coexistence of multiple myeloma and chronic myeloid leukemia in a single patient is a very rare event that has been reported very infrequently in the literature. We report a case of a patient who developed chronic myeloid leukemia four years after his diagnosis with multiple myeloma. Historically, no link between the two malignancies has been(More)
The development of discovering appealing, valuable and important patterns from large spatial datasets is stated as spatial data mining. From the preceding hospital location analyses technique, the locations are predicted from the hospital dataset using pattern mining technique. In terms of road weightage computation the location analyses technique is not(More)
A case of primary myelofibrosis involving lymph node and with a novel cytogenetic abnormality [del (18) (p11.2-3)] is reported. The abnormalities are identical among specimens from the lymph node, peripheral blood, and bone marrow that were analyzed years apart. Additionally, we show that the infiltrate by dysplastic megakaryocytes in the lymph node(More)
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